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Date of Last Update: 26 December 2023

The service described in this policy will only be offered in the countries listed and will be considered valid for use in the countries listed.

This Term is  in English. This Agreement and all of its provisions may be translated into any language other than English, provided the English text prevails in the event of any execution, interpretation, controversy or judgment.

Within the context of Getcontact Telco Services (“Telco Services”), you may benefit from the services such as;

  1. Assistant Service: The Assistant Service (hereinafter referred to as "Assistance Service" or “Assistant”) provides you with the capability to forward calls when your phone is turned off, unreachable, busy or missed, get information about calls before you answer them, and know who is calling.  It allows to access a conversation between the Assistant and the caller. The Assistance Service allows you to receive answers to calls by asking pre-recorded interactive questions that can be customized, and to communicate those answers to you.
  2. Call Manager Feature: In addition to Assistant service, you may benefit from the service of answering calls when your phone is on the airplane mode (requires wifi connection). (This service is only available for devices using Android operating system.). Depending on the operator's technical capabilities, it allows you to see the numbers of incoming calls from a hidden number. It allows you to see the caller ID of the callers on the screen, even if it is not saved in your contacts.
  3. Personal Asisstant Feature: (i)Our Assistant Service may record sound and text interactions between the caller and the Assistant for purposes including, but not limited to, enhancing the quality of our services, and for confirming details of the call. Users will have the ability to access, review, and listen to these recordings within the Getcontact application. (ii) By enabling the Assistant Service, you consent to the recording and storage of these interactions by Getcontact or third parties service providers.
  4. AI Assistant Feature: "AI Assistant," a cutting-edge addition to our Telco Services. This premium feature employs sophisticated ChatGPT technology to intelligently prioritize incoming calls, considering the caller's identity and their reason for calling. The AI Assistant is tailored to improve user experience by streamlining call management.

The feature of finding out who is calling you while your phone is busy: In case of another person is calling while you are currently on a phone call, the caller number is notified by mobile notification. 

The feature of finding out who is calling when your phone is turned off: It is the feature of informing the caller with mobile notification when the first signal is received from your device, if you receive a call while your phone is turned off. 

Out of service feature: In cases where your phone is out of service or cannot be reached, it is the feature of informing the caller with a mobile notification about the calls made to you. 

Voicemail feature: In cases where you cannot answer your phone, cannot be reached, busy or closed, callers will be able to leave a voice message if they wish. You can listen to these voicemails from within the Getcontact.

Hidden number feature: It is the feature of showing you this number according to the country's possibilities if you receive a call from a hidden number. This feature will not be available in all countries. In order to use this feature, you must reject the private number call made to you. The rejected call will be shown to you as a repeat call with the number no longer hidden.

Flight mode answering feature: It is a call answering feature when your phone is in flight mode. This feature will only be available if you have an internet connection. When you activate the assistant service, the call will be forwarded to your phone if you have an internet connection while your phone is in flight mode.

Data Usage and Privacy Policy: Getcontact collects and processes certain call data to provide and enhance our services. The collected data may include the caller's number, the date, time, and duration of the call, and the content of the interaction between the caller and the Assistant. By using our Telco services, you give your express consent to this data collection, processing, and storage.

It is crucial to note that Getcontact respects your privacy and upholds stringent measures to protect your data. The use of data is strictly for the purpose of improving the quality of our services and providing you with the optimal experience. Any usage beyond this purpose will be subject to your explicit consent.

Third-Party Consent:In cases where third-party information is required or incidentally collected in the provision of our services, you represent and warrant that you have the necessary rights and permissions to share this information with us. You acknowledge and confirm that all necessary permissions and consents have been obtained from the recorded people or the sharing of any third-party information as required or incidentally collected in the provision of our services

You also agree to indemnify and hold harmless Getcontact for any claims or actions made by such third parties in relation to the data you have provided.

2. In order to benefit from Getcontact Telco Services, you must grant the following permissions and approvals. In order to send mobile notifications to your device, notification permission must be turned on in the Getcontact. In order to use our quick contacts feature, which will enable you to interact quickly with Getcontact users in your directory, you must have given access to your address book. Android device users must have given the default call manager permission in order to activate the assitant service features. IOS device users must also give microphone permission in order to activate the call manager feature. For utilizing the recording feature of the Assistant Service, you must grant permission to record and store the interaction between the caller and the Assistant. 

3.Telco service is offered free of charge in some countries, while in some countries it is offered depending on the subscription package. In countries where the service is free of charge, you can start using our Telco Services by making related call forwarding settings free of charge (without any subscription package / premium package requirement) from within the Getcontact. If you delete the application, do not use it for a long time or stop using Telco Services, you must cancel the call forwarding feature separately. You can find the relevant cancellation procedures under  the setting menu in Getcontact or under frequently asked questions on If you do not cancel the activation, your calls will continue to be forwarded to Getcontact. You can access the voice messages and assistant dialogues sent to you under recent calls in the Getcontact.

4. With a phone number with Turkey and USA area codes, you can use Telco Services, in some countries by purchasing them under the Subscription package / Premium package, or in countries where the service will be free. User can start using Telco Services by making related call forwarding settings in countries that are offered free of charge or in countries where you need a Subscription package / Premium package. If you stop using Telco Services, you must also cancel the activation explained in FAQ. At the end of the premium package, you will be able to see the audio recordings that come to you until the end of the premium subscription, from within the Getcontact and the same applies to countries where it is offered free of charge.

If you receive service from the country where we provide service through the premium package, You cannot continue to enjoy Telco benefits after the package expires. To use the relevant features again, you must subscribe to the Premium package.

If you do not want to use the Telco Service, you must cancel the activation for each service. Otherwise, since your call manager service and assistant service will be active, voice messages and asistant dialogues, and call forwarding will come to Getcontact, but you will not be able to access it from within the application because you do not have a membership.

5. Getcontact does not charge you any fees for the above-mentioned features other than subscription package / premium package. Not every operator may provide features of Telco service. If your operator cannot provide some features, you may not be able to use all of our services. Your operator may charge a fee. We recommend that you research before using the service.

6. To utilize the Assistance Service, you will be guided through a process to configure your phone's conditional call forwarding feature, allowing all calls to be conditionally forwarded to the Assistance Service.

You are solely responsible for any fees or surcharges imposed by your mobile service provider in connection with the use of the Assistant Service depending on the country and telecommunication operatör which you used.

While we strive to provide the most accurate, current, and comprehensive data available, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results provided by the Assistant Service. Due to various factors in speech recognition, the Assistant may not always fully comprehend what a caller says.

Telco Services may be temporarily suspended, without notice, for security reasons, system failures, maintenance and repair, or other circumstances. In accordance with applicable law, you will not be entitled to any refund for these temporary suspensions.

We strongly recommend that you keep adequate back-ups of any call recordings and voicemail or transcripts of such recordings that you wish to keep.

Telco Services are solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Users using any of the Services for commercial purposes are required to select and pay for one or more of the Premium Services.
7. For the operation and performance of Telco features to be working smoothly; you agree that it depends on the compatibility of the device you use and the website/application used by you, and some factors beyond Getcontact’s control such as your device's cache, 3rd party service providers, your phone operator or other technical/data network issues.

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