Getcontact की प्रेरक कहानियाँ!

इस पेज की सामग्री को सार्वजनिक सोशल मीडिया पोस्ट और हमारी वेबसाइट से संकलित किया है।

An user mentions he got within the authorized service providers' area of interest after he bought a secondhand car and signed up for a related forum website. Having got rid of these calls thanks to Getcontact, he advises everyone to use Getcontact against such websites that share your data without your consent.

In a post on MigReview, it is stated that Getcontact saves you time by identifying malicious calls such as telemarketing calls, calls for so-called services, etc.

Instagram user @mary_ramon tells how she got rid of persistent calls from insurance companies thanks to Getcontact. Emphasizing she can also view how other users have tagged her, mary_ramon says she sometimes sees quite funny expressions.

Pikabu user @DruzNeSanek tells one of his friends bought a drinking water filter system for her house and after she shared his phone number with this company he started to be subject to everlasting calls. He says he could avoid calls from this company by using Getcontact's spam marking feature, and he recommends Getcontact to everyone.

Instagram user @tehnoezh says that he has been disturbed by unknown numbers all the time and he has found the solution in Getcontact. He also adds that with Getcontact's caller identification feature, he can see who is calling and avoid unwanted calls in this way.

Yandex Zen user @Интермонитор talks about his problems at work. Stating that the company he works for has been proved to carry out the business illegally during a tax audit, the user tells that a person named Sergey is in charge of all the business. He also adds that this person who just presents himself as Sergey has employees working uninsured and doesn’t pay salaries on time. Интермонитор reports Sergey tried to hide his surname even in an interview he had with journalists about the incident and emphasizes they could find out who he was thanks to Getcontact.

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Instagram user @uskoksana tells she can identify an incoming call from an unknown number during the call thanks to the caller identification feature of Getcontact. Stating she is able to avoid unwanted calls from companies this way, uskoksana says she can also see how other people have tagged her in their contacts.

VK user @detectivenigma talks about the ways to find out to whom an unknown or private number belongs. He adds that the best way is first to find the private number by call detail record and then search it in Getcontact.

VK user @Elena Veliar reports she used to get persistent calls from banks about loan offers every day. Though Elena could get approval from only one bank when she wanted to take out an education loan, now she can stop receiving unwanted calls about loan offers, which are on a gradual rise, thanks to Getcontact.

Instagram user @tamadanara recommends Getcontact to avoid incoming calls received untimely from unknown numbers. Stating that Getcontact helps you have an idea about the numbers not saved in your contacts, the user also says this app warns you about unknown calls by marking them as spam.

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