Protection from Spam

Our priority is your security. Every day, we analyse thousands of calls to detect potential fraud and spam callers. We aim to keep you safe by blocking malicious numbers.


Getcontact gets its strength from the level of engagement from our user community. Users improve the profile database by the verification of callers and the confirmation of contacts via the "Add Tag" option.

For example, a user can associate another user profile with a tag such as "Electrician". The user who created this tag has the ability to amend or remove the tag.

Data Security & Privacy

Protecting our users privacy is of the utmost importance for Getcontact. You have full control of your privacy setting and can easily manage your preferences by adjusting visibility settings, tags and profile appearance and the notifcations you recieve.

Caller Identification

It is your right to know who is calling you! Instantly learn the identity of an unknown caller on your Android device.


Getcontact is compatible with your desktop computer as well as your mobile phone.
Visit to discover.

Shortcuts for iPhone

Go to call history on your phone.

Tap the icon "i" to view details of the number you want to find out more about.

Select "Share Contact" from the details of the number.

If Getcontact option is not available on the screen, please tap "More" and enable Getcontact.

Now you can identify calls via your call history without even opening the Getcontact app.